Acquisition and Disposition of Commercial Properties

Trusted Advice for Acquiring and Selling Commercial Properties

Our commercial real estate attorneys are skilled in representing clients in connection with acquiring, financing, and transferring property ownership to another entity. We restructure transactions to minimize transfer costs and maximize asset protection. We are active in the commercial market in representing clients who are purchasing, as well as those who are selling, their projects.

Our expert team can help you identify properties with a high potential return on investment and advise you how to best market your property for disposition. We can also help you analyze a property’s current marketability, improvement needs, and projected return.

If you need help deciding whether to lease or own, we can help you with a cost-benefit analysis so you have the information you need to move forward. Or, if you need assistance organizing financing for a purchase or sale, we can help make that process seamless to meet your commercial real estate investment goals.

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