Commercial Real Estate Leasing

We Offer Expert Counsel on Commercial Real Estate Leases

King & Nordlinger commercial real estate attorneys have more than 75 years of experience helping clients navigate the complexities of commercial leases for office, industrial, and retail settings. We can advise you on the potential implications if your business plans to renew a lease, revise a lease through expansion, relocate, or close down.

Letter of Intent

The letter of intent you and your broker negotiate is the framework on which the economic structure of the lease is based. The critical provisions of the letter of intent typically include: the amount of space you will be leasing; the length of the lease (including the anticipated start date); the rate per square foot that you will pay for the space;the construction allowance that the landlord will provide for you to improve the premises; and the amount of the security deposit. It does not address a host of other issues that impact not only the economics of the transaction but also possibly your ultimate success or failure at the new location. Our experienced team has negotiated thousands of leases across the country, and we stand ready to help you minimize the impact those issues may have on your business.

Experienced Negotiators

Our practice is split almost evenly between representing landlords and tenants, so we are fluent nearly any issue that may arise on either side of a transaction. As a result, we are almost always successful in negotiating middle positions acceptable to both parties that will often resolve the issue, thereby saving substantial time and money. Because of the number of transactions we handle, our team has developed sophistication in addressing not only the more technical legal points, but also the important business points that are critical to your success in your new location.

Personal Service and Quick Turnarounds

Timing is always a critical factor in commercial lease negotiation. Our team approach means that all of our transactions have a designated point person and the benefit of the team’s ability to step in if needed. You have every right to expect, and will receive, prompt turnarounds on documents.

Once you engage our firm, you will be working with attorneys committed to your organization’s success. You will gain a team of attorneys with a wealth of experience, who are equally comfortable negotiating a lease with the largest firms in town. You will appreciate our personalized service, fair pricing, and pragmatic approach to negotiating the best lease for our clients, both tenants and landlords.

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