Commercial Tenant Representation

Let Us Help You Navigate and Resolve Commercial Tenant Issues

We represent commercial tenants in all sizes and types of transactions, from a small office tenant to a “big box” retail tenant. For decades our sophisticated team has worked with both commercial landlords and tenants, and we use this experience to resolve disputes and negotiate agreements that minimize potential disruptions to your business.

The law provides fewer consumer protections to commercial tenants because the lease agreement is subject to thorough negotiation. That’s why it is so important to have a knowledgeable, trusted partner at your side to avoid potential conflicts and save you time and money in the future.

We can help you review and address:

  • Eviction notices
  • Estoppel certificates
  • Breaches of lease
  • Incorrectly Calculated Operating Expenses and Common Area Maintenance charges
  • Letters of Intent
  • Foreclosure notices
  • Repair and maintenance issues
  • Property taxes
  • Compliance with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Assignment and subletting

Let King & Nordlinger’s Commercial Real Estate attorneys help you review your commercial lease to protect your interests and resolve issues before they arise.

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