Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy

When a Loan Goes Bad, You Still Have Rights

Our attorneys also represent creditor’s rights in bankruptcy. When a business files for bankruptcy, the filing causes a temporary stay or stop to actions such as foreclosure against the debtor. This does not mean that the stay is permanent, although it is designed to give the creditor time to develop a plan for reorganizing and repaying their debt.

Too often creditors fail to take the kind of action to put themselves in the best position not only in bankruptcy but also in post-bankruptcy proceedings. Our attorneys can assist you to avoid these kinds of problems. We have helped secured creditors seek relief from stays and can represent creditor’s claims in bankruptcy court. We have expertise in inter-creditor agreements as well as foreclosure proceedings.

Let our experienced team at King & Nordlinger represent your interests when working with loan defaults, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

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