Landlord & Tenant Law

Let Us Represent You In Landlord-Tenant Matters

We have spent years monitoring changes in landlord tenant law and have a deep understanding of how new and future landlord tenant law affects property management and especially the owner’s bottom line. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise includes the resolution of issues as simple as unpaid rent and as complex as Fair Housing violations and bankruptcy. Additionally, we provide continuing education and litigation services for our client properties.

We get our clients’ cases to court as fast as the law permits. In addition, we are sensitive to the costs of litigation and we keep our clients advised as to when we think it makes sense to litigate and when to settle. We also understand that often the best strategy is to save the tenancy. If we can intervene in a disagreement between landlord and tenant and save what is otherwise a profitable tenancy, we do so.

We have the organization, work force, technology, and experience to handle high volume caseloads. At the same time, every member of our team is attentive, patient, and fun to work with. We enjoy our work tremendously and it shows in our clients’ satisfaction and in their confidence in our reliability and expertise.

Our landlord team specializes in the following:

  • Litigation and advice for every conceivable residential tenant default
  • Comprehensive guidance on Fair Housing Regulations
  • On-site training for your staff covering the entire eviction process
  • Specialized knowledge of government subsidies and low-income housing laws
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Landlord representation for commercial tenant defaults
  • Compliance with reasonable accommodation requests (including service or assistance animals)
  • Evaluating tenant applications in light of Fair Housing laws (e.g. criminal background screenings)
  • Analyzing compatibility of tenant leases with current state and federal laws
  • Expertise in all jurisdictions in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.
  • Availability seven days a week by email and phone

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