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How Bankruptcy Affects Tenancy

June 2016 If your tenant files bankruptcy AFTER you have a judgment for possession, the law entitles you to go forward with the eviction. If [...]

Tenant Applications Should Not be Rejected Just Because of a Criminal Conviction

June 2016 On April 4, 2016, HUD released new Fair Housing regulations for screening prospective residential tenants.  These regulations are somewhat vague and too new [...]

New Law Regarding Domestic Violence Situations

May 2016 As of July 1, 2016, when a judge grants possession of a dwelling unit to a non-leaseholder to the exclusion of the leaseholder [...]

Reservation of Rights

June 2016 Remember that you waive your right to continue the eviction process if you accept tenants’ payments after you serve the five day notice [...]

Threats to Health & Safety: When You May Enter a Residential Unit

May 2016 As of July 1, 2016, if you discover, through normal inspections that the tenant is violating the rental agreement in a way that [...]